S.O.A.R. Hospitality & Travel YLC, Inc.

2023 Grants for Change Receipient

What is the grant for and how will it benefit the community?

This grant application seeks funding for our Spring 2024 Virtual Business & Entrepreneurship Youth Bootcamp, which features our highly sought-after HBCU college tour.

Financial assistance plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the success of our scholars in both their academic and real-world experiences. It enables us to obtain vital educational resources such as welcome kits, study materials, e-books, and other necessary supplies essential for their educational pursuits. Furthermore, the grant would allow S.O.A.R. to provide branded items to the scholars, parents, and the wider community, creating a sens of belonging and pride in its shared mission.

College tours are also an integral part of our program. These tours grant our scholars a unique chance to immerse themselves in campus life, engage with current students and faculty, and gain a deeper insight into the offerings of a specific college. Funding would cover transportation and insurance, meals, and miscellaneous expenses such as gas, parking fees, and tolls. Your generous support will empower us to further our mission of serving our youth and communities by providing opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible.