Sacha Millstone

2018 Volunteer of the Year Award Winner

Funding the Future
The Millstone Evans Group of Raymond James
Raymond James

Sacha Millstone serves as Board Chair of Funding the Future (FTF), an innovative musician-led financial literacy program that has performed from more than 125,000 students in 33 states and Canada. Musicians deliver messages to youth about basic financial literacy concepts through music and multimedia presentations, telling their own personal financial stories and touching on topics including credit cards, predatory lenders, college loans, scholarships and the importance of hard work. Sacha believes in Funding the Future’s model because it reaches youth where they are at, grabbing their attention with cool musical artists and teaching concepts in accessible, actionable ways.

Sacha has been an early champion for FTF, and she has amassed the energy and contributions of many others to move the organization’s mission forward. She has led the organization to grow its budget, create funding for unsponsored performances in high poverty areas and diversify musical offerings to include new genres of hip-hop, rap and folk rock. Sacha’s leadership and drive have impacted all areas of the organization and have allowed FTF to move from a small startup to a nationally recognized organization.