Scott Sweat

Global Community Impact Award

David’s Hope International
Alpha Omega Group Wealth Management

Scott Sweat is a serious multi-tasker. His full-time job is as a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force. He also is a certifi ed financial planner and puts in 20 hours a week as an advisor with Alpha Omega Group Wealth Management in Alexandria, Virginia. Even with all that, he squeezes in 20 hours a week to act as the executive director of David’s Hope International. The nonprofi t organization, an outgrowth of a mission Lt. Col. Sweat and his wife led for the McLean Bible Church in 2009, supports an extremely poor rural community in Kenya, with a focus on creating a self-sustaining way of life. Over the past three years, he and his team of volunteers not only raised $300,000, but returned to Kenya to build an elementary school (taking hundreds of children off the streets), staff and supply a medical clinic, and construct a maternity ward, an orphanage and a church.Sustainability elements include brand-new wells — the village’s first ever continuous water source — and introduction of a boarding school program to provide continuing income to support the community’s needs. What drives Lt. Col. Sweat to take this on? “It’s part of living my passion and purpose. My fulfillment and joy comes from serving others — whether clients or needy people in Kenya,” he said.