Stacy Francis

2015 Catalyst Award Finalist

Savvy Ladies

Francis Financial, Inc.

Charles Schwab and Shareholders Service Group

Inspired by her grandmother’s life circumstances, Stacy Francis wanted to change the way women think and educate themselves about money. With that goal in mind, in 2003 she founded Savvy Ladies, a non-profit organization that provides personal finance education and resources for women of all walks of life. Its unique programming has helped over 12,000 women across the spectrum of age, life experience, and income level identify their goals and make proactive choices about their finances. Savvy Ladies offers over 50 programs and events each year and provides a free, confidential financial helpline for women who have specific questions that require a one-on-one consultation with a Certified Financial Planner™. The Savvy Ladies organization is unique in that it is completely independent of any financial institution or company. Francis continues to be involved with Savvy Ladies as the organization’s Board Chair and contributes generously to Savvy Ladies. A frequent contributor to the financial press, Francis also appears routinely on CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, FOX, PBS, and USA Today.