Susan Youngsman

2022 Volunteer of the Year Award Winner

Summer Search partners with low-income, minority, and first-generation immigrant students through its intensive, multi-year mentorship program. Summer Search’s programming consists of the following pillars: 1) consistent mentoring with highly trained staff; 2) high-quality experiential learning trips; 3) holistic, individualized post-secondary advising and 4) support with financial literacy, professional networks, and career development. Summer Search works to breakdown systemic barriers and enjoys outstanding program outcomes. In 2022, 100% of program seniors graduated from high school and matriculated to college, and 67% of the college cohort earned a degree.

Susan Youngsman benefitted from mentors and experiential learning as a young adult, and knows firsthand how transformative these experiences can be for youth with few resources. Susan began volunteering with Summer Search eight years ago and, since then, she has played a transformative role in fundraising, mentoring, and providing financial literacy programming through seminars, events and “Money Mondays.” Money Mondays is a monthly financial literacy webinar designed and facilitated by Susan and a Summer Search alumna to empower people with financial knowledge, destigmatize conversations about money and create a community of support for Summer Search participants, alums, and staff.

It’s really important to me to help close the wealth gap, to see people empowered and make choices that will help them build financial security for their future.