The Challenge Program

2023 Grants for Change Receipient

What is the grant for and how will it benefit the community?

The purpose of this grant funding is to provide one year of barrier-eliminating financial support for our trainees .The majority of the requested grant funding would cover one year of direct benefits which include DMV fees (ID and driver’s license); transportation assistance (bus passes, parking and gas); clothing, including work uniforms (gloves, boots, belts, pants, and goggles) and interview/court attire; tools and equipment; matching funds to pay court fines; GED prep and testing expenses; certification fees (Flagger, Forklift); and assistance with food, rent, car insurance or utilities.

An additional $2,000 would fund our “food pantry,” which provides snacks and food staples to our trainees, for one year. For many trainees, this is the only food they have access to during their workday. Those that opt in currently pay for the food out of their wages ($3.50-9.50/week). We would like to cover this cost in full or offer it at a reduced fee. We see direct positive outcomes from this critical support, which often aids in emergency situations. We closely monitor these funds, and they are always utilized in conjunction with a plan to eliminate any future need for such assistance.