Today Is A Good Day

2023 Grants for Good Recipient

What is the grant for and how will it benefit the community?

The funding will be used to place NICU Family Interactive Outreach and Service Kiosks in NICU Waiting Rooms within each of four Greater Philadelphia hospitals. The kiosks will:

1.Alert families immediately of Today is a Good Day as a lifeline when they first enter the NICU.

2.Have a QR code and touch screen that will provide on the spot information to families of the resources available to them and allow them to sign up to receive exact support they need.

3.Allow TIAGD to tailor their services and to send helpful communications.

4.Allow TIAGD to text notices of Navigate the NICU Sessions.

5.Offer families the opportunity, via the Kiosk, to request contact from a Today is a Good Day who will help with in-kind and financial resources as needed.

6.Continue to stay connected with the NICU family after they leave the hospital to provide ongoing support and guidance in those vital months at home when there are often more questions than answers. All hardware components of the Kiosks will remain operational for 5 years at a minimum. The software components and content will be able to updated continually.