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2022 Charitable Champion

Congratulations Charitable Champion Tolleson Wealth Management

Employees: 215
Location: Dallas, TX
Custodian: Pershing
Top Executive: Carter Tolleson, CEO

How does your firm make decisions about what philanthropic programs to offer, events to participate in, and funds to donate?
Chosen by an internal committee, Tolleson Wealth Management aligns with a community partner for two years. This partnership includes volunteer and fundraising events. In addition, through a program called Tolleson Team Serves, the firm donates $2,500 to each department’s volunteer charity of choice.

How do you motivate your employees to participate in the firm’s philanthropic programs?
Our program inspires employees to create impact through a strong connection to their community. We do this through three core pillars: corporate service, team service, and individual service.

  • Corporate Service: Selection of a charity partner for high impact
  • Team Service: Tolleson Team Serves project each year with department teams
  • Individual Service: Support for individual passions and work with other charities

How do you define and measure the success of your overall philanthropic program?
Employee volunteer hours are tracked through an internal program. The firm also engages its internal committee Culture Club to gauge employee feedback.

What sets your program apart from others?
Tolleson Wealth Management has a high value for service and that includes service to the community. To encourage volunteerism, the firm gives each employee 20 ours of Volunteer Time Off, ways to earn individual grants, and offers a suite of opportunities to get involved with a partner charity each year. On top of its employee program, Tolleson Wealth Management also supports employees through board support and event sponsorship. Additionally, clients receive a holiday gift in the form of a $500 donation to a charity of their choice in their family’s name. This generates more than $100,000 in donations.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your firm’s philanthropic efforts? In what ways have you pivoted as a result?
To pivot, virtual volunteer opportunities were offered, skills-based contributions happened remotely, and more opportunities occurred where employees could safely distance and wear masks.

Programs offered by Tolleson Wealth Management:

  • St. Phillip’s School & Community Center Coat Drive
  • St. Philip’s School & Community Center Pantry Drive
  • Tolleson Team Serves