Tracye Caughell

2020 Lifetime Achievement Award Finalist

Children’s Musical Theatre of Bartlesville, Inc.

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The Children’s Musical Theatre (CMT) of Bartlesville, Inc. enriches the lives of youth by providing quality musical theatre performance and educational opportunities. This premier teaching and performing arts organization in Bartlesville, Okla. helps inspire creativity, build confidence and character, and foster compassion amongst youth participants. CMT serves more than 10,000 constituents each year, bringing arts to the community and opportunities for students to hone their musical theatre craft.

Tracye Caughell has two daughters who came into the world singing and looking for a stage to perform on, which was a difficult thing to find 21 years ago in the small town of Bartlesville. For these reasons, Tracye helped found CMT and bring a performing arts organization into her community. She has served in a variety of capacities: as Producer for ten productions; as set designer and stage manager for seven years; as Board member for 14 years; as Board Chair for three years; and as volunteer Executive Director for two years. Tracye’s contributions to CMT are too numerous to list. If it was not for her vision back in 1999 and her tireless leadership every year thereafter, CMT simply would not exist. One of Tracye’s crowning achievements has been creating sustainability for the organization. While many arts organizations have come and gone in Northeastern Oklahoma, CMT has grown over the past two decades and deepened the community’s appreciation of art.