Wayne F. Holly

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[su_column size=”3/4″ center=”no” class=””]2019 Volunteer of the Year Award Finalist

Bivona Child Advocacy Center
Sage Rutty and Company, Inc.
First Clearing

As a foster parent who has taken care of more than 54 foster children over the past 20 years, Wayne Holly has witnessed firsthand the devastation that physical and sexual abuse can do to both children and families. In order to help more children and work towards solving the deeper issues that lead to child abuse and neglect, Wayne began volunteering with Bivona Child Advocacy Center six years ago. The organization provides a safe, welcoming space where children who have endured trauma can begin to heal. Bivona brings together multidisciplinary teams to deliver critical services in child abuse response, prevention, and healing through collaborative services, awareness, education, and leadership.

Wayne currently serves as Chair of the Board and supports Bivona as an active fundraiser by securing significant, multi-year pledges. Further, he volunteers his time working directly with families each month, greeting them as they enter the facility and talking with children as they arrive for services. Through these exchanges, Wayne has witnessed the healing process begin for many children; these exchanges are what makes his work so rewarding.[/su_column][/su_row]
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