Robert Balentine Invests in the Southern Highlands Reserve

Robert has brought the same entrepreneurial spirit and passion to Southern Highlands Reserve that he has brought to the investment industry for the past 35 years. Robert founded the Southern Highlands Reserve, which is dedicated to sustaining the natural ecosystems of the Blue Ridge Mountains through the preservation, cultivation and display of plants native to the region and by advocating for their value through education, restoration and research. In addition to donating the land and protecting it in perpetuity, Robert has funded day-to-day operations of the organization and special projects that have had a national, long-lasting impact.

Dedicated to education and furthering the message of conservation, SHR has hosted groups ranging from local students to garden clubs from coastal Maine. Two major projects this organization has taken on include the Biodiversity Project and Spruce Restoration. The Biodiversity Project focuses on seven areas of investigation: water, soil, flora, fauna, climate, human impact, and overall sustainability measures taken for the Reserve’s Core Park and Natural Woodlands. The staff and volunteers (citizen scientists) play an integral role in the collection of long-term data for endangered species.

Robert earned Honorable Mention for the 2015 Community Leadership Awards.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Balentine Partners
Southern Highlands Reserve
Atlanta, Georgia