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How Charitable is the Financial Industry?

Wall Street has a well-earned reputation for deep pockets, but less public attention is paid to how often the financial industry reaches into those pockets in the name of charity. According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s 2016 report on corporate giving, which examined 17 years of data on the …Read More

Micro-Finance Philanthropy and Financial Advisors

If you’re looking for new and exciting ways to engage in philanthropic causes, there are some worthwhile opportunities to review in the specialized world of micro-financing—a way to fuel very small businesses in impoverished regions in order to relieve extreme poverty. Let’s take a quick look at …Read More

How CSR and Philanthropy Are Changing Financial Services

When asked how corporate social responsibility and philanthropy are changing the financial services industry, a number of executives overwhelming agreed: the industry is being changed for the better. These changes include everything from improving the communities in which clients and employees live and work to making jobs …Read More

Consumers and the Corporate Cause

Most companies are well aware of the benefits of a corporate philanthropy program. Not only do these programs have an incredible impact on the lives of those in need, but they also enhance employee engagement, increase retention, and improve morale. Corporate philanthropy can also deepen customer loyalty …Read More