Winter 2020 Grant Program

The Invest in Others Grants for Good Program was introduced in 2018 with the goal of funding specific programs or projects for nonprofits that financial advisors give back to. Nearly 150 applications were received and recipients were selected based on the impact the grant would have on the nonprofit and the community it serves.

Glendive Lions Club – $5,000 Secured by Melonie J. Beeler of Voya Financial Advisors

The Glendive Lion’s Club was created to serve the unmet needs of youth in their community. They support the Dawson Promise program, which was started by Dawson Community College to provide a two-year college or vocational education with no debt to youth who have “aged out” of foster care. This program enrolls young adults in school which includes year-round housing in dorms, a meal plan and work-study employment. The $5,000 grant from Invest in Others will help Dawson Promise cover student expenses that are not covered by Pell grants and work-study monies. The Glendive Lions Club also matched their Invest in Others grant up to $2,500 to create an even bigger impact in their community.

Marcus Autism Center – $5,000 Secured by Tripp Rawls of UBS Financial Services Inc.

The Marcus Autism Center exists to maximize the potential of children with autism today and transform the nature of autism for future generations. They have found that the skills most in need of attention for children at a high-functioning level of autism are socialization and peer interaction abilities. To combat these issues, they created Camp You B You, a week-long sleepaway camp that focuses on the development of play, independence and community living skills. The $5,000 grant from Invest in Others will support the Marcus Autism Center’s ability to run Camp You B You this summer.

Off The Front – $5,000 Secured by Steven Jon Jolly of Ford Financial Group

Off The Front offers every fourth grade student, who attends one of the nine participating inner city schools, the opportunity to earn bicycles when they achieve customized goals in academics, character, and service. Once a student has earned a bike, they can earn ten cents per ride which can be used to purchase fun items at the Off The Front mobile store. The purpose of this program is to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The $5,000 grant from Invest in Others will be used to purchase bicycles for fourth graders at the Susan B. Anthony School in Fresno.

Rebirth Homes – $5,000 Secured by Lynette Atchley of CPA Financial Advisors Inc.

Rebirth Homes exists to combat human trafficking through education, awareness, and a holistic residential healing program for survivors. They provide shelter for women 18 years and older. Without a safe place to go, these women will not have the opportunity to heal from the significant trauma they endured. The $5,000 grant from Invest in Others will be used to fund one month of residential care at Rebirth Homes for five survivors. This sponsorship will include shelter, food, clothing, life skills training, individual therapy, group therapy, hygiene items and other services as needed.